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Painting of the Demeloch underpass

"Despite the fact that she is only 24 years old, she has already had a number of solo exhibitions. Klaudie Švrčková from Český Těšín, who is one of the painters of contemporary modern art, recently beautified the Demeloch subway in her hometown with her paintings. The gloomy subway came alive with colorful history, the walls are full of paintings, inscriptions and interesting ideas. There are dozens if not hundreds of topics, everyone will choose something for themselves. Children are waiting for their favorite fairy-tale characters, the elderly are excited by the silhouettes of famous personalities. Pedestrians will find the history of Český Těšín here from its inception to the present, there is a historical tram or the division of the city in 1920, which at the same time brought with it the division of human destinies and many other motifs."

- Hutník, 2022

Exhibition in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

"An exhibition that reminds us how important it is to join our voices to create the beautiful society we want to live in. The goal is to show that Czechs have certain rights and responsibilities as people living in a democratic country. And so, if they actively participate and cooperate , society can develop and various social problems can be solved. We would like to raise awareness of the importance of the individual voice and the value of democracy, which many people have worked hard for."

- IPYG, 2022

Painting of the Pizza Metro Budka hatch

On Saturday 16 April at 19:00 at @pizza_metro_budka in Český Těšín, there was a celebration of 6 years since the establishment of Pizza Metro Budka in the underpass next to Billa supermarket, as well as a ceremonial opening of the new pizza hatch.

A box for  Sušenkárna Momenta from Brno

"Sunday is the perfect day to fill our new box from Klaudia Švrčková with cookies, what do you say? We're open until 6 p.m., so stop by for a sweet spot."

- Sušenkárna Momenta, Brno, 2022

The first article on the Koh-i-noor website

Exhibition in Zámeček Petrovice u Karviné

"Together with Zámeček Petrovice, we would like to cordially invite you to an exhibition of paintings from my own work. The exhibition takes place in the pleasant surroundings of Zámeček Petrovice at Prstná 1 in Petrovice u Karviné, and the paintings are freely available for viewing and sale. We look forward to your a visit!"

Cooperation with the company Obrazy v aukci

In 2020, Klaudie Švrčková started cooperation with the company Pictures in the auction.

Sending painting with sustainability in mind

Second time in the same place

Some places and collaborations are so beautiful that exhibitions repeat themselves years later.

Cooperation with the company Tohle JE galerie

In 2019, Klaudie Švrčková started cooperation with the company Tohle JE galerie.

Painter Švrčková exhibits in the library

"After several exhibitions last year in our region and in Brno, the promising young painter Klaudie Švrčková has been exhibiting since the beginning of February at the branch of the České Těšín library in Svibice."

- Hutník, 2019

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