She likes all shades of colors.

Klaudie Švrčková is one of the painters of contemporary modern art and already at a young age she has had quite a number of author's exhibitions.

/or always a self-taught painter.

She was born in 1998 in the town of Český Těšín in Silesia. After successfully completing her secondary studies at the eight-year grammar school, she became a current student at the Faculty of Business at BUT in Brno, where she is completing her engineering degree this school year. 

Klaudie Švrčková devoted herself to drawing and painting from an early age thanks to her parents. Even though she never attended an art course or school, she found meaning in art and all the more motivation to work harder on her creations at home. Since 2015, her interest and colors have moved mainly to the canvas. 

The centerpiece of her current work is a combination of acrylic-tempera painting with elements of pop art and a modern style set mainly in portraits. Pop-art styled paintings reflect the feelings, opinions, problems and joys of people from one unique world in their characteristic way. The world we live in, and in which the author wants to draw attention to the little things.

Klaudie Švrčková opened her first exhibition in Brno at the VKH in 2018. Since then, she has not been idle with her artistic career and has managed to achieve many successes. In recent years, she participated in a total of two joint international exhibitions on the occasion of the "Open Ateliers" festival in a Polish gallery and held another 31 solo exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic. In 2018, 2019 and 2022, the reporter Hutník wrote a newspaper article about her, and after the commissioned painting of an underpass in Český Těšín, she appeared in radio and television recordings of other media. Behind all the success is the author's passion for creation and expression. But also the support of those closest to her and admirers of her art, for which the author is very grateful.

All paintings are available for purchase both at exhibitions and online ♥